The census Curculionidae of Belgium, was carried out according to the most recent published works to date.

For a consultation easier of catalog, the alphabetical order was selected for the families, subfamilies, tribes and genera.

Were deliberately excluded in this site all the varieties that have no taxonomic value.

The species likely to be observed on our territory have been bracketed for easy reading.

The phenology reported here perhaps fluctuating, indeed, a species that is observed for April to September can sometimes be collected before April and after September.

For the spreading, the indication "Everywhere in Belgium" or "Almost Everywhere in Belgium" does not mean that a species is common, but reported from different parts of the territory.

Similarly the indication "Localized in Belgium" or "Very localized in Belgium" does not mean that a species is rare, but it has been reported that few places.

In this state of mind, the concept of rarity or common is excluded from the catalog, because a species listed as rare can become enormously abundant in special circumstances or at a particular location.

If the presence of the species is confirmed, it is indicated by a green check mark. If the species is questionable or that we have no data for a province, a question mark is displayed.

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